The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 2, 2018

Cheryl and Toni

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Ava’s big secret is revealed, Cheryl and Toni have their first kiss, and I get hooked on You Me Her.

  1. Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 16 “I, Ava” [Live]
  2. Sara is trying to have some “me time” away from the Waverider, but on her way out, Gary time couriers onto the ship looking for Ava. He’s worried about accidentally walking in on her and Sara while they’re doing whatever, but Sara says he doesn’t have to worry about that.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Gary: I was shipping you so hard

    Oh, Gary, you and the rest of the Avalance fandom.

    Gary’s buggin’ because Director Sharpe hasn’t been to work in a few days, and he’s worried something bad may have happened to her. Sara says, “Don’t worry, Gary, because we’re going to find her,” and off go Sara, Ray and Gary to find Ava.

    They start at the Time Bureau and search through Ava’s office. Ray hacks into her computer and discovers someone remotely deleted her personnel file from the Time Bureau database while on the Waverider. Sara finds a birthday card from her parents in Fresno in her trash and decides their next stop is to Mom and Pop Sharpe in Fresno.

    After they arrive and sit and chat with Ava’s parents, Sara can tell something is not right. They are too Pleasantville perfect, and they don’t seem to know much about Ava. Sara threatens them with a knife, and they confess to being actors.

    The three of them head back to the Time Bureau, and at this point Sara thinks Ava is the one who erased her file and was lying to her this whole time.

    Legends of Tomorrow - fake family

    There they run onto Ava wearing sunglasses and not looking 100%. She asks what they’re doing at the Time Bureau, and Sara explains Gary was worried about her missing for a few days so they went to investigate.

    Legends of Tomorrow - don't I look fine

    When Gary asks Ava where she’s been, she says she went to visit her parents in Fresno. Sara knows that’s not true. Ava says she needs to get back to work and walks off. Sara thinks they still need to figure out what the real deal is with her and shows Ray and Gary that she swiped Ava’s Time Courier.

    Ray scans her courier and the only suspicious thing they find is her first mission to 2213 which is a designated “no-fly zone.” The only way you can get there is with the Time Bureau mother ship, which Sara is more than willing to hijack to go see what’s in 2213.

    After they take off, Ava is informed that the mother ship has been stolen. She says she’s going to go after it personally.

    They arrive in Vancouver 2213 and soon realize there are several people walking around that look just like Ava.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Director Sharpes

    Sara is pretty freaked out.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Sara surrounded by exes

    It’s like being at a Pride parade. Get it, surrounded by exes? Heh.

    Gary’s now thinking Ava’s big secret is her being a robot; however, Ray figures it out.

    Legends of Tomorrow - I didn't have sex with a robot

    A clone! It’s Orphan Black of Tomorrow! That’s not so bad, we all know from Orphan Black you can be a clone and still be lovable.

    Sara, Ray and Gary sneak into the Ava clone factory.

    Does this mean the perfect woman is a lesbian? Just sayin’.

    Sara is thinking she should have known Ava was too good to be true, but Ray, forever the optimist, tells her just because she’s a clone it doesn’t mean what they had wasn’t real.

    Ava catches up to them, sees one of her clones, and passes out.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Clone Club

    Ray said Clone Club! Oh my gosh, I LOVE the nod to Orphan Black.

    After Ava comes to, it’s evident she blocked out the clone thing but does feel the need to confess to Sara where she was while “missing.”

    Legends of Tomorrow - Ava visited ex in Vegas

    Ava wasn’t missing, she was on a bender.

    Ava sees an army of her clones and is now questioning her whole life. If her memories are all manufactured, does this mean she’s not a real person?

    Legends of Tomorrow - you are as real as I feel about you

    Aw, such a sweet pep talk, but now they have to sneak out. Ava puts on an Ava clone uniform and pretends to march the Legends out at gun point. One of the clones catches on, and then of course they have to have a big clone fight scene.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Ava and Sara fighting clones

    Sara and Ava fighting together is super hot. I just want them to be kick-ass, time fixing girlfriends.

    After Ava knocks out the last clone, she makes a decision.

    According to Sara’s trademark smirk, the suit is fine by her.

    They make it back to the Waverider. Gary gets his memories of the clones erased, and Ava and Sara process why Ava had no idea she was a clone. Why does she have no memory of 2213, who erased her file, and why has this purposely been kept secret from her?

    Legends of Tomorrow - Rip recruited Ava

    Sara thinks Rip is responsible for this and she is going to find him.

    I have so many questions.

    • If Ava clones are created as adults (not born via surrogate like LEDA clones on Orphan Black), does this mean Ava is only four years old?
    • Do all the Ava clones get programmed with different memories?
    • Are all Ava clones queer?
    • What is Rip’s relationship to our Ava?

    I am absolutely loving this story line and I can’t wait to learn more tonight.

  3. Santa Clarita Diet – Season 2 Episode 5 “Going Pre-Med” [binge-watch]
  4. After reading Natalie Morales’ interview in the Advocate, I decided to give Santa Clarita Diet a try. It took me a little while to get into it because I thought it was a little silly and trying too hard to be funny. However before I knew it, I had fallen for the zombie comedy and binged both seasons. Drew Barrymore does such a perfect job playing a suburban zombie mom. Her comedic delivery is so good, I totally laughed out loud a bunch of times.

    Anyway, Natalie Moreales plays a cop and towards the end of season 2, they heavily allude to her being in a relationship with her dead co-worker’s wife, Lisa. In this episode it became canon.

    Santa Clarita - Lisa is an energetic lover

    If you’re in-between shows, looking for something fun to watch and don’t mind a little gore, check out Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix.

  5. You Me Her – Season 1 Episode 1 “Cigarettes and Funions and Crap” [Web]
  6. I’ve seen You Me Her mentioned here and there on the Internets, and with the release of season 3, I decided to check it out. Oh my goodness, I love it. I was instantly hooked.

    It’s about Emma and Jack, a suburban couple whose sex life has grown boring. On the suggestion of his buddy, Jack decides to hire an escort to recharge things (because that makes sense). The escort is Izzy, a college student who is new to the escort business (and Chloe Price from Rookie Blue). They meet and Jack is so nervous he doesn’t go through with anything except a little making out.

    He comes home and tells Emma what happened. She’s mad, but then I didn’t expect what happened next. She makes a date with Izzy herself and meets her at a bar. They wind up fooling around under the table then Emma confesses to Izzy that she is Jack’s wife. In the bathroom she tells her she just wanted to find why Jack liked her. Izzy’s like, “Did you find out?” Emma says yes and then this happens.

    You Me Her - Emma and Izzy

    Turns out Izzy is not the first woman Emma has been with; she is actually the fourth! Jack had no idea, and from this point forward it’s Emma that wants to bring Izzy into their relationship so they can be a triad. Emma and Izzy have really good chemistry, and it’s very intriguing to see how their relationship evolves.

  7. Riverdale – Season 2 Episode 16 “Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors” [Live]
  8. Last we saw Cheryl she was stuck in a gay conversion asylum. Luckily, Toni figured that out in this episode, and with the help of Ronnie and Kevin, they make a plan to rescue her via the “secret gay hookup tunnel” leading to the institution. Cheryl is crying at movie night when Toni busts in. The two of them have a big rescue/first kiss scene, and it is sweet and perfect.

    I’m glad they didn’t drag the conversion camp story line on for too long. It was a treat to have that all resolved within an episode.

  9. Mary Kills People – Season 2 Episode 3 “Twin Flames” [Live]
  10. I really like Mary Kills People, and I was happy season 2 finally came out in the US. Last season Jess struggled with her classic “straight best friend who you’re in love with but only leads you on to keep you emotionally around” plot. This season I was so happy she got a nice, new girlfriend named Heather.

    I was hoping that would be the end of Naomi (the straight friend) messing with Jess, but we all know that wasn’t going to happen. Of course Naomi gets jealous when Jess is not at her emotional beck and call. I swear this plot was taken from my wife’s actual high school experience.

    Mary Kills People - you a couple now

    They throw a party one night when Mary (Jess’ mom) is out killing people, and Naomi pulls a drunk kiss move on Jess in front of Heather.

    Mary Kills People - Naomi kisses Jess in front of Heather

    It’s such a cliche scene — someone ambush kisses another person in front of their partner then they leave before they see a clear “get off me” move. Sigh. I hope Jess and Heather patch things up and Naomi leaves her alone!

I’m leaving for ClexaCon on Thursday — the queerest things I’m going to see this week is y’all’s faces! How will I be able to attend, report on the Con, sneak in some shows and make my post on Monday? Stay tuned!

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