Katharine King

Katharine King


Katherine King is an actress, playwright, screenwriter and singer-songwriter. She has written three full-length produced plays: Psychic Sink, a multimedia theater piece incorporating film and sculpture, the Western comedy My Darling Josephine and the mythological allegory Swept Away. A singer-songwriter, Katherine wrote the Western-style music for Josephine and performed the contemporary score of Swept Away.

Her fourth play Cafe Society, a historical fiction noir exploring music, politics, marijuana and racism set to jazz standards (with Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee) premieres Spring 2018 at the Santa Monica Promenade Playhouse.

She has written various short films, including Fertility Clinic (2017),and the feature films The Last Revenants (2017) and California Coven, filming in January 2018.

Katherine has also appeared in commercials, print and film, such as Disney’s Boyster, feature films An Axe to Grind, The Downside of Bliss, and Captain Black. Katherine lives in Santa Monica, CA.




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