Nimmy March

Nimmy March

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Her biological parents were a black South African father from Lesotho and white English mother. As an illegitimate child, she was abandoned by her mother and adopted and brought up by the Earl and Countess of March and Kinrara, who later became the Duke and Duchess of Richmond. Because of her race, the adoption caused a stir within the peerage and the future Duke and Duchess were vilified by some for “sullying the aristocracy”, as March herself described it.

Until 2004, adopted children of peers had no right to any courtesy title. However, as a result of a Royal Warrant dated 30 April 2004, adopted children are now automatically entitled to such styles and courtesy titles as their siblings. Therefore, on that date, Naomi March became The Lady Naomi Gordon-Lennox.

She married Gavin Burke in 1999 (they are now divorced) and they have three children: Khaya (born 1999), Malachy (born 2001), and Carlotta (born 2005). Her four siblings include another adopted daughter who is also mixed-race.

She is Buddhist.

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