Zoe Landis

Zoe Landis

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Zoe is that nice kid that you kinda vaguely remember from primary school. Little did you know that she had a fire in her heart. A fire to do big brave things and pretend she knew how to do them. As a result of faking it ’til she made it, Zoe is bluffing her way through uni, floundering through Sydney’s musical theatre circuit and now acting like she knows how to run a children’s musical theatre society!

As a minor character in Call Me Katie, Zoe was able to get away with it… but in Nothing Like The Sun it wasn’t quite so easy! Zoe had a ball embarrassing herself in front of such a talented cast in order to bring you much joy!

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There is 1 character listed for this actor; none are dead.

Annie James

tv-hdCall Me Katie (recurring) (plus 1 more)
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