Iiris Kaukovaara

Iiris Kaukovaara
Status Alive
Actor Mira Kivilä
Show Salatut elämät (regular character - 2008, 2009, 2010)

An artist who met Heli Sievinen while they both lived in Paris. Iiris returns to Helsinki to get back with her ex-husband Panu, but when she and Heli bump into each other, they start a secret relationship. They break up when their relationship is outed, but get back together after Iiris leaves Panu.

Eventually Panu’s homophobic ways caused Iiris to spin a series of lies (that he was abusive etc) to keep custody of their children. It didn’t work out. Panu moved to Lahti and Iiris moved back to Paris.

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