Joann Curtis

Joann Curtis
Status Alive
Actor Kay Heberle
Show The Young and the Restless (recurring character - 1977)

In 1977, Joann was married to Jack Curtis. He had a wandering eye because Joann suffered from an eating disorder and was overweight. Despite his pursuance of and extramarital affair with Peggy Brooks, Jack refused to divorce Joann because she was emotionally dependent on him. He feared how she might react if he suddenly dumped her for a younger, more attractive woman. Nevertheless, Peggy held out hope that Jack would eventually divorce Joann. Peggy even tried to help the disturbed woman gain self-confidence. Later, Jack divorced Joann and he and Peggy were briefly engaged.

Katherine Chancellor and Joann were friends. After her divorce, Joann moved in with Kay. Katherine became possessive of her house guest Joann. Katherine, lonely after the death of her husband, started to develop romantic feelings for her friend and roommate, Joann. At one point, Kay touched Joann’s hand and they kissed.

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