Nadine Lachere

Nadine Lachere
Status Alive
Actor Rachelle Lefevre
Show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest character - 2017)

Nadine threw wild drug-filled parties, usually while Theo was home in bed. Fearing for his welfare, Theo’s babysitter Gloria Ramirez abducted Theo. Upon discovering Theo was missing, Nadine called the police and the Special Victims Unit came to investigate. Nadine was nervous about the illegal drugs in her home but Benson assured Nadine their main concern was finding Theo.

After Theo was found safe and well, Nadine was eager to take him home but due to the drugs and messy home, Child Services had gotten involved. Theo was placed into a temporary foster care system while Nadine and her ex-girlfriend Fran Conway worked together to ensure that Theo had a more stable home environment. 

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