Kaylee Bryant

Kaylee Bryant


Kaylee Marie Kaneshiro Bryant is an American actress and model. She is known for portraying Josie Saltzman on The CW television series, Legacies, a role she started in 2018. Bryant grew up in Southern California. Due to her early career in modeling and acting, she was homeschooled for part of her upbringing and entered junior year in high school at the age of 15 years old. Bryant is Okinawan through her grandfather who is from Okinawa, and spoke Japanese whilst growing up.

Bryant began her career as a model when she was 7 years old for clothing brands like Ralph Lauren walking runways and doing print ads. She eventually transitioned into acting when she was 8 years old and participated in children’s theater. She went to appear on shows like American Horror Story, Santa Clarita Diet, The Real O’Neals, and Kickin’ It among others. Her first lead role was in the 2014 independent film in Mary Loss of Soul. She eventually was cast in The CW’s Legacies as one of the lead roles, Josie Saltzman.

On June 1, 2021 Kaylee came out as queer on Twitter.


  • Born: November 1, 1997
  • Age: 25 years old


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