Co-founders Mika and Tracy are available for podcasts, interviews, and media appearances about LezWatchTV, queer representation on television, and building this website from the ground up. You can reach us as or use our contact form.

We are firm believers in Open Source software and data. Our data and code are available for all to use, per our Terms of Use. We have also made public all the resources we’ve used to generate the content for this site.

Resources Available From This Site

The following resources are feely available for your use:

Resources Used to Create This Site


LezWatchTV is powered by WordPress. We built custom plugins and a custom themes, in conjunction with the following plugins:


The site was designed by Tracy Levesque, Scott Wilson, and Mika Epstein. The following libraries have been used:


The following sites and books have been used to build out the content on this site. The list is as complete as can be, however much of the information was found from people’s personal listicles on their blogs/tumblr/tweetstorms.

We keep a running list of all ‘rare’ or hard to find resources on our Amazon Wish List page. Your support is well appreciated!


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Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to the following people for their donations of resources: C. Lema, M. Jay, A. Jorbin, and D. Smith.