Arisuin “Alice” Nagi

Arisuin “Alice” Nagi
Status Alive
Actors Asanuma Shintarō
Chris Patton
Show Chivalry of a Failed Knight (regular character - 2015)

Alice is a first year student and Shizuku’s roommate. She is a transgender woman.

Nicknamed Black Sonia, she has the ability to control shadows with her device, the Darkness Hermit. Her Noble Arts include Shadow Bind (影縫い), Shadow Walk (日陰道] and Shadow Spot. Alice is a very nice person, though she does sometimes tease others. She is a good friend of Shizuku, who opens up to her. She is later revealed to be an assassin of the terrorist organization Rebellion as well as a member of Akatsuki, which infiltrated Hagun Academy.

She had a dark past, being an orphan who lost her friend Yuuri, and was taken into Rebellion by Wallenstein. She attacked Newspaper Club member Kagami and stole her research when she started to uncover evidence of the existence of Akatsuki. However, she turned against Rebellion, due to her friendship with Shizuku.

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