Barbara Keynes

Barbara Keynes
Status Alive
Actors Anairis Quinones rainbow
Imari Williams
Show Miraculous World: New York – United HeroeZ (regular character - 2020)

Also known as Knightowl, she is a superhero in the United States, along with her partner/sidekick/daughter Sparrow.

As Knightowl she is serious, irritable, and straightforward. Saving others in danger is important to her, which makes her frustrated and stern towards anyone who doesn’t take the task as seriously, jokes around, or disobeys orders. Preferring solid, perfect plans without a chance of failing, Knightowl doesn’t like questionable or risky suggestions, having little faith in them if they’re not based on strong evidence or reasoning. Sometimes, she is willing to put her stubbornness aside to try alternate options and work together with people she doesn’t agree with.

She uses a voice modulator to sound male when in costume as Knightowl.

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