Chartreux Westia

Chartreux Westia
Status Alive
Actor Shimamura Yū
Show Boarding School Juliet (regular character - 2018)

Nicknamed Char, she is Juliet’s best friend and is the First Princess of the West. She is one of few people who knows about her relationship with Romio. As children, Juliet always stayed by Char’s side, causing Char to become extremely protective of her. She initially blackmails Romio to prevent him from making plans with Juliet. Whilst she disapproves of Juliet’s relationship, she realizes how Juliet’s cares for Romio and the joy their relationship brings to her. However, she continues to keep track of their relationship, often eavesdropping on them from a far distance.

She is considered very demanding and is usually the center of attention of those in the “White Cats”. She also enjoys teasing others, with Scott usually being the main victim of her pranks.

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