Clifford DeVoe/Becky Sharpe

Clifford DeVoe/Becky Sharpe
Status Alive
Actor Sugar Lyn Beard
Show The Flash (guest character - 2017, 2018)

Professor Clifford DeVoe, nicknamed The Thinker by Cisco Ramon, is a former history professor of Central City University, and secretly an extremely knowledgeable enemy of the Flash. Before he lived in Central City he lived in South Africa. He works alongside Marlize DeVoe, his wife and partner-in-crime, whom he met at the University of Oxford. DeVoe eventually transferred his conciousness into Dominic Lanse and assumed his identity, leaving his original body for dead to frame Barry Allen.

He sees himself as “The Fastest Mind Alive”.

At some point, he transferred his mind into Becky Sharpe. And was still in love with his wife. To the point that they drugged her wife with a love potion. It’s really messed up and not a good look. As Becky, nicknamed Hazard by Cisco Ramon, Clifford a meta-human with the power to spread bad luck on people whilst giving themselves good luck.

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