Criff Kei

Criff Kei
Status Alive
Actors Nagasawa Nao
Tabitha St. Germain
Show Mugen no Ryvius (regular character - 1999, 2000)

The seductress of Team Blue, 15-year-old Criff is good looking and knows it. The older, taller, and red-haired Kei girl, she came with her sister Michelle to Liebe Delta for nursing training. Criff is always in provocative outfits flirting, and she seduced information out of Charlie after beatings were found to be much less effective. When Team Blue fell from power, Charlie rushed to her aid despite her treatment of him, and after a brawl both were thrown into the same cell in the brig. Criff warmed to Charlie during their stay together, and when Michelle offered her a chance to escape with her, she ended up remaining with Charlie, and the two went into hiding.

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