Fi Kydd

Fi Kydd
Status Alive
Actor Monica Gibb
Show River City (recurring character - 2006, 2007, 2008)
RIP 23 September 2008

A lawyer. Fi is an old colleague of Archie and she worked with him and Gerry. She’s had a traumatic past: her lover was killed in a car accident years ago and Fi has unfairly blamed herself since. Fi became an alcoholic but got back on the wagon. 

She started a business with Gerry but her guilt increased after Archie’s apparent suicide and she nearly started drinking again. She left Shieldinch and moved to Millport.

Archie’s return to Shieldinch unnverved many not least his former business partner, lawyer Fi Kydd. Suspecting Fi was about to reveal Archie’s memory had returned, he threatened her. Drunk and scared, Fi jumped into her car to escape him only to crash and die at the wheel.

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