Frankie Coyne

Frankie Coyne
Status Alive
Actor Juno Rinaldi
Show Workin’ Moms (regular character - 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

A big-hearted, eccentric woman with no filter, people can find Frankie both off-putting and endearing all in one beat.

Blindly optimistic, she’s the kind of real estate agent who will reveal the defects in a two million dollar treasure, while finding the glory in a rat-infested teardown. While Frankie, her ex-wife Giselle, and their baby Rhoda strive to maintain their cozy, peaceful little life, they’re soon reminded that just because a pregnancy is over doesn’t mean you’re not affected by it anymore. Giselle has been putting all of her attention on their new daughter, leaving Frankie a hormonal wreck in need of some stability.

After Frankie and Giselle fall apart as a couple, things get even weirder.

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