Hazuki Mina

Hazuki Mina
Status Alive
Actors Saiga Mitsuki
Kara Edwards
Show Darker than Black (recurring character - 2007, 2008)

A colleague of Genma’s, Mina is a Contractor with the ability to charge any object with energy, which she uses to create potent projectiles from scraps and turn her sword into a “lightsaber”. She also uses retractable wires similar to Hei’s. Her remuneration is to passionately kiss a man, which she appears to dislike due to “bad aftertaste”; such is her distaste that with even two mouth washings, she resorts to kissing another woman to remove the taste, though she hints to having a interest in women. She seems to specialize in wetwork, wearing a half-faced balaclava and wielding a wooden katana (which she transforms using her ability). After killing Genma in revenge for Yōko’s death, Mina disappears.

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