Ibuki Maya

Ibuki Maya
Status Alive
Actors Nagasawa Miki
Kendra Benham
Show Neon Genesis Evangelion (regular character - 1995, 1996)

A first lieutenant at NERV and a computer technician who works primarily with Ritsuko Akagi. Her main role during the battles against the Angels is to constantly monitor the Eva pilots’ synchronization ratios and send various emergency commands to the Evas as ordered by Misato or Gendo. In spite of her profession, Maya despises violence of any sort, and is frequently shown becoming nauseated and averting her eyes during battles with the Angels.

In The End of Evangelion, Maya is the only NERV officer who is shown refusing to fight back against the JSSDF invaders.

Maya has an unrequited love for Ritsuko and holds her in very high regard, calling  her as “senpai.”

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