Status Alive
Actors Ishigami Shizuka
Leah Clark
Show DARLING in the FRANXX (regular character - 2018)

A calm, insightful Parasite. She is the best friend of Ichigo and is one-sided in love with her. She used to be partners with Mitsuru, with whom she had a tumultuous partnship with due to their mutual dislike of each other. After their synchronization is lost, she is paired with Futoshi. She later confesses her feelings to Ichigo but admits how shameful she feels about being attracted to girls and Ichigo comforts her. After the VIRM invades the planet, Ikuno overuses her strength and this permanently damages her health, including turning her hair white. She later enters in a relationship with Naomi and works as a doctor. She develops a cure for the accelerated aging process of the parasites, allowing them to properly grow into adults, but she retains hers, as she is bedridden and sickly due to aging into an elderly woman in the final episode.

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