Irma Leopold

Irma Leopold
Status Alive
Actor Samara Weaving
Show Picnic at Hanging Rock (regular character - 2018)

A senior boarder and prize recruit of Appleyard College. From a wealthy family (her mother was a Rothschild) Irma will be worth millions when she comes of age. Meanwhile, she’ll explore her sexuality like everyone else does as boarding school.

From a world of privilege, she has more pretty dresses than everyone else at Appleyard College combined, and little aptitude for or interest in academics. When she sees Mike for the first time, on St Valentine’s Day, on arrival at the picnic grounds, he’s sealed forever in her mind as her beloved. What will she do to be with him? Why – with all her family fortune and good name – has she been sent to a second-rate college in the middle of the Australian bush? And why can’t she remember what happened up on the Rock?

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