Status Alive
Actors Akaneya Himika
Skyler McIntosh
Show Shūmatsu no Izetta (regular character - 2016)

Izetta met Princess Finé when they were children. Prior to the beginning of the series, she attempted to keep her witch heritage a secret by traveling around different countries with her grandmother, which made her shy and self-conscious. With the outbreak of the war she devotes herself to Finé’s and Eylstadt’s protection, thus breaking her taboo not to use her powers openly.

Izetta’s magical powers include animating and enhancing objects into tank-busting weapons. They are, however, hugely dependent on the presence of ley lines, which, depending on her current location, limits the frequency at which she can employ them. She is usually seen riding an anti-tank rifle in place of a broom, although she can use any rod-shaped object in a pinch, like medieval cavalry lances.

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