Kagami Kuro

Kagami Kuro
Status Alive
Actor Shindō Kei
Show Kodomo no Jikan (regular character - 2008)

One of Rin’s closest friends, and frequent “partner in crime” due to their similar levels of sexual knowledge. She is openly contemptuous of Aoki due to his inability to consistently enforce discipline in the classroom, and her belief that he is a lolicon. She is also aware that he is a rival for Rin’s affection which infuriates her more as she has a crush on Rin. Kuro has a kinder side to her though as she manages to befriend both Rin and Mimi and is very protective of them. The apparent wealth of the Kagami family allows her to indulge her obsession with following the latest fashion trends. Kuro often wears clothing in the Gothic Lolita style, sometimes combined with nekomimi ears and tail. Kuro’s overall distrust of men stems from her mother’s divorce from her cheating husband.

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