Kichougasaki Yuzu

Kichougasaki Yuzu
Status Alive
Actors Nagano Yūki
Monica Rial
Show Love Tyrant (regular character - 2017)

Younger half-sister of Akane, sharing the same father.

She is in love with Akane, both as a sister and as a woman, although she later also develops more feelings for Seiji as her life goes on. Although she is shy towards Seiji, Yuzu managed to courages herself up to kiss Seiji and gives Valentine’s gift to him. Upon Seiji’s confession to her one day, Yuzu burst into tears of happiness while hugging him together with Akane. In the end of manga, she becomes one of Seiji’s brides along with Akane and Guri in the wedding ceremony and joins the Aino Family.

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