Lakira Beca

Lakira Beca
Status Alive
Actor Bea Cordelia rainbow
Show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest character - 2020)

Beca was first attacked when she was a teenager. Her mother had thrown her out and she had been defending herself ever since. She was raped one Friday night by Paul Davies at a john. However, just as Davies was about to be charged, Beca later withdrew the charges. The detectives found out this was because she had been paid off by Davies. Despite the detectives, particularly Tamin telling Beca she should continue with the case, she declined, therefore closing the case and dismissing charges against Davies.

Lakira got in touch with Tamin again when she reported to her that Davies had raped another transgender woman named Dakota Knight which had resulted in her dying from her injuries. After Davies was imprisoned, a vigil was held for Dakota, which Beca and Tamin attended. Beca thanked Tamin for helping her get justice.

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