Lila Shariff

Lila Shariff
Status Alive
Actor Anneika Rose
Show Ackley Bridge (recurring character - 2017)

Dedicated to her job, Lila is a hardworking teacher who wants to do well in her career. Lila enjoys teaching and is a teacher who kids enjoy spending time with, though she knows how to discipline them if needs be. She comes from Glasgow and struggles to understand the segregated world of Ackley Bridge and the traditional Muslim British Pakistani families in the town, though she’s worked in Ackley Bridge for a term at the old majority Asian school. There’s a naiveté to Lila that is both refreshing but also frustrating. Maybe she’s not quite as sorted as she seems?

Her sexuality was the school’s biggest gossip and as a result, she was forced to come out in a classroom full of teenagers in the best way ever: “I’m gay, it’s not a big deal, and it’s none of your business.”

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