Status Dead
Actor Morinaga Rika
Show Simoun (regular character - 2006)
RIP 08 August 2006

Mamina is a skillful but haughty sibylla, formerly assigned to Chor Ignis aboard the Arcus Niger who joins Chor Tempest at Halconf’s request. Her parents were servants to Roatreamon’s family, and that’s the reason who initially rejects to be Roatreamon’s friend. She and Aer fight because they both want to be Neviril’s pair. Despite her humble origins, she was promoted to Sibylla rank when she volunteered for combat duty when other sibyllae refused. Her hobby is cooking, and she also enjoys cleaning and other domestic chores. Very slowly, she befriended Roatreamon and even loves her. She is killed to protecting Neviril for the Argentum. She and Yun piloted the Nimbus or Superbus.

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