Melanie Franks

Melanie Franks
Status Alive
Actor Samantha Mathis
Show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (guest character - 2020)

A con artist who concocted a plan to frame Luna Prasada for embezzlement and sexual assault.

Melanie had been friends with Luna since childhood, and the two worked together in a convention organization. When Luna accused one of her fellow coworkers of rape, the Special Victims Unit was led to Melanie, who claimed Luna was involved in an embezzlement scheme.

The police soon saw through Melanie’s lie and brought her in for questioning. She claimed she framed Luna to get even with her after Luna stole her necklace when the two were younger and that Luna had always gas-lighted Melanie and her colleagues. Afterwards, Melanie was given immunity for filing a false police report and did not serve prison time.

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