Status Alive
Actor Melissa Poh
Show Class T1T5 (recurring character - 2018, 2019)

Melissa in the debut episode is classified under the naughtier half of her class, but after that episode, she is shown to take her work somewhat seriously. While not as hardworking as Denise, she rarely slacks off and at least puts some effort into her schoolwork and group projects. Out of Jasmine’s clique, she is arguably the kindest and most understanding member, but she, like the rest of the girls, is not above bullying as depicted in Back to School: Expectations vs Reality.

Melissa’s best friend is Cherylene and is, in many ways, her polar opposite. She is more confident in decision making, more outspoken and more daring, as compared to Cherylene’s more naive and innocent personality. However, Cherylene seems to be oblivious to Melissa’s feelings for her, which seems to make Melissa uncomfortable. However, the two girls still have a strong relationship and are almost never seen without the other.

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