Naoko Sukeban

Naoko Sukeban
Status Alive
Actor Romi Park
Show Cutie Honey Universe (regular character - 2018)

The hulking, intimidating boss (“bancho”) of a girl gang named the Sukeban at Saint Chapel Academy who act as an inofficial campus police force. Despite her rough looks and personality, she has a crush on Honey and is as a result quite jealous of Natsuko. During Panther Claw’s assault on Saint Chapel, in revenge for the death of her entire gang and in order to protect Honey, she intercepts a deadly attack by Snake Panther and covers Honey and Natsuko’s escape, apparently at the cost of her own life. However, thanks to her toughness she returns in the final episode to take the final fight to Sister Jill, and later joins Honey at their rebuilt school.

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