Nasreen Paracha

Nasreen Paracha
Status Alive
Actor Amy-Leigh Hickman
Show Ackley Bridge (regular character - 2017, 2018, 2019)

Nas is the yin to Missy’s yang and she’s been Missy’s neighbour and best friend for years,. While Missy is the smart mouthed one, Nas is the brains. She’s academic, intelligent and has a questioning mind. Kaneez’s eldest, Nas is the apple of her mum’s eye and is destined to make something of herself. Sometimes quiet and introspective, she privately hopes to go to uni but is terrified of the debts. However, Nas also wants to live in the moment. She is a respectable girl in the community but does enjoy going out with Missy and putting the world to rights. Nas is opinionated and surprisingly well-informed. She can astonish Missy about the things that she knows. She might be from a small town but it doesn’t mean she has to have small thoughts.

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