Nonosaka Mao

Nonosaka Mao
Status Alive
Actors Yukana
Ashleigh Domangue
Jill Harris
Show Future Diary (regular character - 2011, 2012)
RIP 19 March 2012

One of Yuki’s new friends in his new school. She is a quiet, polite girl who is constantly photographing the things around her, though her photos mainly center on Hinata. She is in love with Hinata and would do anything for her. She received her “Hinata Love-Love Diary”, which allows her to predict Hinata’s future similarly to the way Yuno predicts Yuki’s, from the Eighth Diary user. In the Second World, she is killed by Yuki after calling him a coward. In the Third World, she is seen with Aru, Kosaka and Hinata.

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