Percival “Percy” King

Percival “Percy” King
Status Alive
Actor Sandra Espinoza
Show Epithet Erased (regular character - 2019)

Percy is a young police detective who spearheads the investigation of the theft of the Arsene Amulet. She has a strict moral code as a police officer and values order and safety. As a downside to this, she speaks in a dry monotone with dry humor, often coming off as insensitive and straight-laced, especially to Mundies (people without epithets).

Percy is skilled in wielding a, in her words, “real-ass goddamned sword” and is her primary form of attack. Her epithet, “Parapet”, allows her to construct small medieval-style buildings with various abilities such as to either heal or injure whoever she is facing (e.g wizard towers that attack the enemy with electricity and apothecaries to heal physical wounds).

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