Status Dead
Actor Maria Flor
Show 3% (recurring character - 2018)
RIP 27 April 2018

Samira is a member of the founding trio of the Offshore along with her partners Láis and Vítor.

When the Inland is compromised, Samira’s father calls her ordering her to open the Offshore to the Inland a year early. Samira, however, believes its best to give up on the offshore and start new, whilst Láis and Vítor are intent on sabotaging the Inland, by means of cutting all their power, destroying society in the process. The three have a heated dispute.

Samira finds a gun and aims it at the other two and they all struggle which ends with Samira being shot.

Láis and Vítor cover up Samira’s death and go on to become the famed founding couple of the offshore.

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