Subaru (Mariko Misono)

Subaru (Mariko Misono)
Status Alive
Actors Nazuka Kaori
Kim Mai Guest
Show .hack//SIGN (regular character - 2002)

Subaru is soft spoken, but has a very determined personality. As the leader of the Crimson Knights, she is frequently called upon to settle disputes both inside and outside of the guild. Though she is aware of the power she wields, she is fiercely dedicated to her position and refuses to let such power change the way she acts. Subaru is very protective of The World’s players, and does her best to make The World a place that everybody can enjoy. Her strongest supporters are Silver Knight and Crim.

In the real world, she is a paraplegic student. Her disability was caused by a car accident four years prior. She enjoys The World because she can do things there that she can’t do in real life, like walking and running.

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