Taema Miyako

Taema Miyako
Status Alive
Actor Saitō Chiwa
Show Whispered Words (recurring character - 2009)

Miyako is a classmate of Sumika and Ushio’s, who they don’t pay much attention to until they walk in on her and her girlfriend, Tomoe, kissing in a classroom after school (though they don’t realize the identity of the couple until later). When Miyako and Tomoe similiarly catch Sumika and Ushio kissing in the same classroom, the latter wearing a plastic mask and unaware of the former’s feelings for her, they assume the two are a couple and Miyako snaps a picture of the kiss on her cell-phone. Upon confronting Sumika about it, they learn of her one-sided feelings.

Miyako is not as tactful as Tomoe and thinks that Sumika should come right out and confess to her friend. She and Sumika often tease each-other about various things and may not seem to get along particularly well, but, in truth, Miyako and Tomoe are grateful for her and Ushio’s friendship; the two, inseperable as they are, rarely get to hang out with anyone as friends due to their relationship.

Miyako is popular with boys in school due to her small, cute and innocent appearence which does not, as it turns out, mesh with her true personality. She and Tomoe suggest giving Sumika lessons on how to be cuter and clumsier so that Ushio might fall for her.

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