Tsukasa (An Shouji)

Tsukasa (An Shouji)
Status Alive
Actors Saiga Mitsuki
Brianne Brozey
Show .hack//SIGN (regular character - 2002)

He is a Wavemaster whose consciousness becomes trapped in The World, while his real body is in a coma. He is a young silver-haired boy clad in grey robes. Morganna poisons Aura with his negative emotions to prevent Aura from awakening. Tsukasa is distant at first, but he eventually connects with Mimiru, Subaru, and Bear. Aura is eventually awakened, allowing Tsukasa to log out. In real life, Tsukasa is a girl named An Shouji.

After her mother died, she was raised by her father, who abused her. His abusive behavior also distanced her from her gender: he treated her like a boy, refusing to allow her to use feminine products and basic hygiene products. The story implies that her father is an alcoholic. Why he was abusive was never explained. After awaking from her coma, Ryo Sakuma, the player behind Bear, becomes her legal guardian and allows her to go to a boarding school. She meets with Mariko, Subaru’s player, and the two begin a relationship

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