Violet Harper

Violet Harper
Status Alive
Actor Zehra Fazal
Show Young Justice (regular character - 2019, 2021)

Codenamed Halo, Violet is the product of the spirit from a Mother Box reviving the body of Gabrielle Daou, a dead Quraci refugee who’d been used as a test subject to stimulating a person’s “meta-gene.” Seeing herself as a new individual, they name themself Violet Harper.

Violet woke up in a “blank slate” with minor traces of Daou’s personality, memories, and fondness for the hijab (as wearing it makes them feel more comfortable), as well as fleeting access to the Mother Box’s knowledge and some of its powers. They were then rescued by Tigress, who gave them the nickname “Halo”, and went on to live with them afterward before joining Nightwing’s Outsiders. During their time with the group, they discovered a vast range of powerful abilities and develop a romantic relationship with the exiled Prince Brion of Markovia. They and the other three members later joined the Team.

Halo doesn’t see themself as either female or male, instead as the combination of motherbox and human combining to make something new, which Halo describes as “just me.”

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