Yoshimine Mitsuka

Yoshimine Mitsuka
Status Alive
Actors Inoue Kikuko
Wendee Lee
Show DearS (recurring character - 2004)

The main characters’ knockout teacher, Mitsuka-sensei is both intelligent and resourceful. She is also a shamelessly flirtatious exhibitionist who spends more time conniving to “show off” to her students than she does teaching them English. Mitsuka has a habit of popping up when it is least convenient to Takeya and company, turning normal conversations into overly embarrassing situations, usually by mistaking most things for sexual acts. At times though, she does show surprising insight concerning the relationships of others, especially between Ren and Takeya. She also does work as a porn actress (A whole corner in the adult section of the video rental store Takeya is working in is devoted to films with her).

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