Yumeno Kyūsaku “Q”

Yumeno Kyūsaku “Q”
Status Alive
Actors Kudō Haruka
Tara Sands
Show Bungo Stray Dogs (recurring character - 2016)

Named after Yumeno Kyūsaku. They are also known as “Q”. Their ability Dogra Magra (ドグラ・マグラ, Dogura Magura) is a mind control curse. If someone has harmed them, either intentionally or unintentionally, they will fall under the curse when Yumeno splits open the doll they always carry with them. The curse itself makes people see illusions that turn them hostile, usually forcing them to attack friends and foes recklessly. After an incident where they used their curse on members of the Port Mafia, they were considered too dangerous and imprisoned by Dazai and Chūya.

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