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Alison Araya

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Through an impassioned love affair with acting and storytelling, Araya’s artistic truth as a performer is driven by the power to listen, respect, and be in the present moment. With this mantra, she has applied inspiration, exploration, and international flavour to characters and stories, allowing her to transcend language and cultural boundaries and encourage honest emotions.

Fascinated early on by the process of becoming someone else, Araya discovered acting in her birthplace of Sydney, Australia. By early adulthood, she was determined to make it her professional cornerstone and sought out an academic environment that could offer an enriching cultural experience and a notable acting pedigree. She found a match at the Accademia Internazionale d’arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico in Rome, Italy, where she spent the next five years studying in an intensive acting program that eschewed technology and emphasized the purity and discipline of its classical environment.

From there, Araya arrived in Vancouver, Canada – making quick strides on TV favourites like SmallvilleIntelligence, Supernatural, and alongside cinematic turns in blockbusters like Watchmen and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

While these projects were challenging and diverse, Araya was keen to tell stories of her own. With fellow actor Justine Warrington, she co-founded GlitterSpank Productions in 2014 to create dynamic projects built around strong, colourful female roles with the power to subvert audience expectations.

Their first effort was Earthlickers, a throwback to sci-fi cult favourites infused with a sexy feminist edge. Chosen for production through the 2014 Crazy 8s Film ContestEarthlickers won a 2015 Leo Award for Best Visual Effects and cracked the Top 30 in the 2015 Cinecoup Film Accelerator.

Since Earthlickers, Araya has hit exciting new milestones, including recurring roles and guest appearances on the television series MotiveArrowThe WhispersTies that Bind, and Fear the Walking Dead. As her raw performances and inventive storytelling abilities have her destined for a promising future, Araya’s passion for her craft remains fluid and evolving, but equally steadfast and devoted.

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