Amy Fox

Amy Fox

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Amy’s the main go-to person at Trembling Void. She writes, produces, plays the role of “Chris,” and generally runs the business. Occasionally she sleeps, we’re told.

Whether it’s working with molten metal, kicking ass in the Simon Fraser Student Society’s hotly contested withdrawal from the CFS, running for Vancouver City Council as a Supervillain, doing Queer improv with The Bobbers, or organizing feminist guerilla art-ivism, she seeks ways to cause trouble.

To her surprise, transition brought a strong interest in power tools, dashing suits and binding. “Being soft butch and MtF was bold at the time” she says. “Now there’s like a half-dozen of us in the city, there’s a Tumblr feed, and I don’t feel so special. Still, it screws with people, which makes me happy”.

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