Amy Heidt

Amy Heidt


Amy Heidt is a Los Angeles-based actor,  writer and director.  A regular fixture at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, she’s written, performed and directed dozens of shows. She wrote and directed the short film The Last Ones, which is currently on the festival circuit.

As an actor, Amy has appeared in Hello Ladies, Arrested Development, The Office, the feature film Jim, the HBO award-winning Smell the Coffee, various Comedy Central projects, the short Leave Keys in Car from filmmakers Tessa Blake & Ian Williams, and numerous commercials and comedy videos.

Amy grew up in Mount Airy, NC, the youngest and most annoying regular performer at the Andy Griffith Playhouse.  She studied Theater and Communication Studies at UNC Chapel Hill.  While there, she directed an infamous production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company, from which she cut the song “The Ladies Who Lunch”.  The local homosexual community expressed strong outrage.  She also spent a year in an a cappella group, but asks that you withhold judgment and chalk it up to the misguided exuberance of youth, and also to the powerful narcotic force of unaccompanied eight-part vocal harmony.

Upon arriving in New York City, Amy attended GATE, an acting conservatory founded by former Stella Adler teacher Gregory Abels.  She spent her time there immersed in acting, breath work, mask work, Alexander technique, yoga, tai chi, and other actory things that are fun to do but obnoxious to talk about.

Amy spent time performing in some of the best and worst Off-Off Broadway theaters in the city before finding a home at the UCB and ultimately moving to Los Angeles.  She has written pieces for Slate, The Soundtrack Series and Bailout Theater at Judson Memorial, and is currently working on several new projects.




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