Andrea Cordova

Andrea Cordova


Andrea is a junior at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Her major is Mass Communication Electronic Media with a concentration in Digital media and a minor in Theater.

Through her schooling, Andrea found a passion for web design. Her first site was a blog on short films. What started with Tumblr and WordPress, soon evolved into coding pages from scratch through BlueHost and using templates like Twitter Bootstrap. On top of HTML and CSS coding, she is beginning to pick up on JavaScript.

As of July 2015, Andrea began to live stream on Twitch part time. This is where she plays video games and interacts with a live audience. She started this with thoughts of making a business with her brother. The pair form a unique brother-sister duo that provides interesting content. They have just started on their journey and have many ideas for their future.

Through Twitch, Andrea’s eye for graphics design expanded. All graphics used on BSStreamTeam’s channel are all her original works(i.e. overlay’s and info panel banners). Her peculiar art style has granted her some commissions that are currently works in progress. These commissions include works for other Twitch streamers and Youtubers.



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