Anita Abdinezhad

Anita Abdinezhad


From a young age, Anita told stories. She was awed by television and how it could enrapture and bring joy to her family. So she would try to do the same by crafting skits with her stuffed animals and presenting them to her parents and their friends. 

When Anita turned 6 years old, she and her parents emigrated from Iran to the United States. Her parents signed her up for acting classes so she’d have somewhere to express her energy and practice her English. Little did they know that these acting classes would inspire her to pursue storytelling professionally. 

In university, Anita got degrees in Drama and Public Health Sciences, with a minor in Anthropology. This scholastic combination transformed Anita’s views on humanity and elevated her purpose in art. ​

Today, Anita’s mission is to make art (whether acting, writing, or producing) that is unapologetically raw. She appreciates work that makes her feel like she’s been transported and connected with the humans in the story. 
She aims to create work that makes her audiences feel the same. 




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