April Yanko

April Yanko


April is a cat enthusiast who loves storytelling and surrounding herself with creative people.  Ever since she heard Jodi Benson sing, she was hooked on the beauty of the voice, the talent of animators, and the heart that goes into making a tale come to life. 

While in college at Point Park, she discovered her love for film acting and for strong women, particularly in the entertainment business. She left Point Park with two years of Residence Life experience and a personally established Feminist Collective.

In the fall of 2016, April went to Connecticut for a semester at the prestigious National Theater Institute to learn how to better create in all aspects of theater as well as to make her own opportunities to act and tell stories about characters that matter.  After her training, she hopes to find a job in the industry that allows her to kick ass just as much as all of her amazing role models, and maybe even inspire others to kick ass in the process.   



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