Ashleigh Loeb

Ashleigh Loeb

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Ashleigh Loeb (also known under the singing stage name Ashleigh Jade) is a performer who studied Acting at East 15 and previously sang in the glam rock band Spiderbaby. She was born in London, UK (where she resides) but has dual UK and US Nationality.

An actor, singer, voice artist, puppeteer and theatre maker, Ashleigh is artistic director of Theatre Mensch and a founding member of The Queer Alternative: an LBGTQ+ group promoting acceptance visibility and equality within alternative subcultures. As a theatre maker, she is currently interested in making work which explores gender, sexuality and family relationships via unconventional research and production methods.

Ashleigh joined Spiderbaby in 2008 and toured with the band around the UK. She features on two of the bands independent releases – The Death of Spiderbaby and Where The Strange Ones Go.

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