Betsy Slade

Betsy Slade


Betsy Slade began acting while attending the Institute of Notre Dame, a convent school in her native Baltimore. She appeared in the Thanksgiving play. She had to give up her position as president of the Drama Club to do it because that post precluded acting. Betsy really wanted to act and she was fortunate in receiving a fellowship to Baltimore’s Center Stage for the 1971-72 season. She played several small roles which enabled her to perfect her craft. In the fall of 1972, while visiting with a sister in Los Angeles, Betsy auditioned for, and was cast in the role of Ursula as a schoolgirl in “Forget-Me-Not-Lane” which was being produced at the Mark Taper Forum. It was there that producer Richard A. Roth and director Peter Hyams saw her and selected her for the role of Muffy Pratt in “Our Time.” Betsy Slade has six sisters and three brothers.



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