Bobbi Charlton

Bobbi Charlton


Ms. Charlton is a passionate, driven woman who is constantly thinking outside the box when it comes to both her personal and professional life. She is extremely compassionate and patient, but having, personally, experienced violence and human injustice she has a definite “line in the sand” that should not be crossed.

Bobbi’s commitment to the Performing Arts spans 35+ years, and over 85 film, television, and theatre productions as well as countless commercials and voice-overs. She is an Actor, Choreographer (Dance, Stage fighting, Fencing), Director, and Writer. Her passion is working with Actors/Performers, youth to adult, in whatever capacity that can help the Actor experience
“freedom” through their work. Recently Bobbi spent 1 year performing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland Oregon. She was able to realize a life-long dream of playing “Aunt Eller” in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s production of Oklahoma! under the Direction of Bill Rauch.

She was a Recurring Actor on SyFy’s critically acclaimed series “The Magicians”, guest starred on “Damnation” and ABC’s “Dead of Summer”.



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