Brenna Leigh Noguez

Brenna Leigh Noguez

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Brenna Leigh Noguez, often recognized as BZLeigh, grew up on a horse ranch in Modesto, California with an interest in theater, film and TV. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and has been working in film and live television broadcast ever since. Behind or in front of the camera, Brenna has never been able to settle on one specific niche in the industry. Directing Orbyt Play’s live broadcast for Xbox, Microsoft and YouTube Gaming (2016), acting in Lesly Kahn & Co.’s Comedy Intensive (2016), live editing Breeders Cup (2017), motorcycle stunt work in the music video Rebels by NINZ (2017), writing the comedy series Lost N Found (2018) and assistant directing short film Evoke (2018) showcases the range in Brenna’s talents and love to create entertainment.

If she isn’t on a motorcycle trip with the all-inclusive womens motorcycle collective The Litas or working on another wild YouTube idea with Strawburry17 or hiking with her chihuahua Draco Malfoy, you can probably catch her on PS4 or Xbox playing Overwatch with her close friends.

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tv-hdLost N Found (regular)
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