Chastity Dotson

Chastity Dotson


Chastity Dotson has written and performed seven one-woman shows and was previously invited to perform her solo piece “Little Book of Battles” for Danny Hoch’s Hip Hop Theater Festival at The Public Theater in New York City.

After studying at University of Southern California’s BFA acting program, Chastity landed a role in the World Premiere of Charlayne Woodard’s “Flight” at the Kirk Douglas where she drew rave reviews from the Daily Variety who called her “an arresting blend of vulnerability and steel will.” She then starred in Oliver Mayer’s “Young Valiant” where she played the title role of a fourteen-year old boy, and was celebrated as a “small miracle” by the LA Weekly.

She was recently commissioned to create performances for the Mother’s of Murdered Youth Commemoration Ceremony and also the Saigu: 20th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots: A platform that bridges the gap between local communities that have been affected by violence.




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